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[please be careful about suspicious calls to give their us.]

All the visitors
We give employee of Iwataya or Fukuoka Mitsukoshi and telephone visitor and "Cards of visitor is going to be used illegally at store" or it "was used illegally" or say with "account of visitor was used for forgery Cards", and item to tell about to call phone number of specific financial institution occurs recently. Our person in charge telephones visitor by such an item directly and may not visit home. In addition, we may not tell about contact information of specific financial institution. Please be careful that personal information or money, article of visitor are not offered enough by any chance even if there are suspicious communication and visit.
We give to all of you suffered from in this 2016 by Kumamoto earthquake heartily.
We pray that we can regain days when all of you of all stricken areas are peaceful and,
As Mitsukoshi Isetan group, we will match power for early revival all day long.

Iwataya Mitsukoshi

"Kumamoto earthquake disaster collecting box"
Offer period: Until Thursday, March 15, 2018
Setting place: The Iwataya Head Office the first floor east side information desk, the new building the first floor information desk,
The Fukuoka Mitsukoshi the first floor center entrance information desk, the Iwataya Kurume the first floor front entrance information desk

It is available at both service stores common throughout Iwataya Fukuoka Mitsukoshi.

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