Iwataya IWATAYA Fukuoka Mitsukoshi MITSUKOSHI

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Iwataya Mitsukoshi employment information

Do you not begin new work in long-established store, Iwataya Mitsukoshi got close to to step, Fukuoka with area?

Iwataya Mitsukoshi company information company profile

As for the figure to aim at, posture that acts for suggestion of "half step ahead" that we were careful to to a nicety, and always stands in glance of visitor, and provides product and service waits for important sympathizing with our thought first retail, department store group in Kyushu to be able to think, "we are reliable if we buy in Iwataya Mitsukoshi".

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Grad hiring

  • Generalist employee spring of 2018 university graduate person
  • It is university graduate person short sen in the sale job employee spring of 2018
  • It is university graduate person short sen in the makeup stylist (beauty member) spring of 2018
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Hiring throughout the year

  • Sale job employee (October degree .4 moon degree)
  • Regular customer part
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